Heat Pumps

Plantinum BC

Platinum BC is BAXIROCA’s heat pump for installations where there is a need for heating, air conditioning and hot water, applying of the most advanced technologies in energy saving. It is a versatile solution, a reversible heat pump that can be used for air conditioning installations. The minimum discharge temperature for this type of installation is 7 degrees C, which allows it to be used in fan-coils or with cooling floors. The maximum discharge temperature reached for heating systems is 55 degrees C, which makes it possible to apply to both underfloor heating systems and low temperature radiators.

Heat pump AQS 300 IN / Heat pump AQS 300 1E

Heat pump for heating AQS. The system incorporates an 270 L accumulator, the heat pump of 1,5 kW being located in the upper part of this one. Also includes an electric resistance to be used at the tips of consumption. There are two models, the BC AQS 300 IN and the BC AQS 300 1E. The latter also incorporates a coil, which can be used by both the solar system and a boiler to support the heat pump.
-Coefficient of COP yields up to 3.7 in the heat modality: for each kWh of electricity consumed, 3.7 kWh thermal is obtained.
-Saving of 70% in the energy invoice in relation to the electric accumulators.
-The water can be heated up to 65 ° C.
-Maximum anti-corrosion protection. It has a permanent electronic anode that protects the accumulator against water that can be very corrosive, which extends the useful life of the accumulator.

Heat Pumps - Hybrid Systems

All models PLATINIUM BC PLUS and PLATINIUM BC have a version for hybrid installations heat pump - boiler. The electronic regulation allows control over the whole installation, making the boiler work and stop and pumping heat in function of the cost of the energy they generate at each moment. For this it is necessary to update the cost of energy in the control panel. The hydraulic management of the system is controlled by the heat pump itself. Includes hydraulic separator and high efficiency circulator that moves fluid throughout the installation.