Hotel Cascais - Cascais [Portugal]

• Energetic efficiency project. Linked to the Solar Thermic System, SEM IR installed two natural gas Bio burners that leverage the necessary thermic energy for the entire central heating installation.


• Project and installation of photovoltaic systems, fixed or tracking.
• Installation of domestic solar thermic systems
• Electric radiant

Nelson & Patrício, Lda. ( Portugal )

• Installation of thermic solar systems for Hot water.
• Climatization and ventilation.
• Underfloor heating.
• Geothermal energy.
• Domotics for radiators.
• Air conditioning.

Fleximol Sa (Cartaxo)

• Project and installation of a new electrostatic coating line for suspensions (leaf spring) for commercial and heavy goods vehicles.

SIVAC SA – Aveiras de Cima (Portugal)

• Installation of a 100 KW output photovoltaic park to enable to modernize the energy supply and maximize the use of renewable and eco friendly energy.

Luís Simões 2010 [Portugal]

• Audit, project and installation of upgrades to the mechanical and electric equipments, including software upgrades.
• Measurement and registration of mechanical structures.

GM Saint Petersburg 2007/2008 [Rússia]

• Supervision of the installation of medium tension equipment.
• Supervision of the installation of Canalis trunking to the low tension structure.
• Supervision of the installation of communication, CCTV, Telephone, fire prevention, process control systems along with climatization.

GM Azambuja 2007 [Portugal]

• Decommissioning of the following structures within the premisses:
• Low and medium tension networks.
• Profibus communication networks - CCTV, Ethernet and Internet, etc.
• Climatization and ventilation systems.
• Effluent treatment systems.
• Paint and solvents circuits.
• Waste management.
• Equipment salvage.