This range of accumulators has been specially designed for solar installations. The position and the exchange surface of the coils were designed to obtain maximum performance from the installations. The range is composed of enamelled and non-enamelled accumulators with volumes from 90 up to 5000 liters, with 1 coil, with 2 coils or without coil.

Solar EASY

The SOLAR EASY AQS range of systems represents a revolutionary new "plug & play" concept, ready to make the most of solar thermal energy. It integrates in the minimum possible space the hydraulic group, expansion vessel and central regulation, all fully connected and cabled, forming a single set. SOLAR EASY AQS AND HEATING systems are composed of all the elements necessary to carry out solar installation of AQS and to support the heating system. SOLAR EASY AQS, HEATING AND SWIMMING SYSTEMS are composed of all the elements necessary to carry out a solar installation of AQS, to support the heating system and a swimming pool.

Thermosyphon BAXIs System

The Thermosyphon System is a compact system consisting of 1 or 2 solar collectors, 1 accumulator tank and all the components needed to dispose of domestic hot water. This is a fast, convenient and effective system to have water heated by the sun - clean energy, inexhaustible and free.