• Intermarché in Estremoz

    Photovoltaic Installation Upgrade to 200kW on Parking

  • New Stand SEM IR in Agriculture National Meeting

  • Photovoltaic Installation - Intermarché in Ericeira

  • Photovoltaic Installation - Intermarché in Marinha Grande

  • Photovoltaic Installation in Fronteira - Alto Alentejo

  • Participation in the 55th FNA in Santarém

  • Photovoltaic System in Intermarché of Estremoz

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  • Photovoltaic System Sem Ir

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  • The SEM IR Team

  • Invisible Climatization with the Support of Heat Pumps

    Project Blue House in Azambuja

    Ver Vídeo

  • Henri Francis Glanc's Villa

    Photovoltaic System with Lithium Battery Storage

  • AFID

    Central heating support the pool

  • Photovoltaic Technology

    Project in Centro Paroquial da Freixianda - Ourém

  • White Living Room

    Photovoltaic Technology

    Installation on Santa Casa de Misericordia da Merceana

  • Building

    Wind Energy

    Installation on Azambuja High School

  • Brown Living Room

    Self-consumption - Control Room

    Installation on Azambuja High School

Green Number 808 277 777

Residential and Industrial Technical Assistance

A SEM IR, has launched a service of Residential and Industrial Technical Assistance. We have a multidisciplinary technical team that operates on several fronts. With the support of a 24-hour Green Line, it may well solve immediate problems, whether in the Residential or Corporate area.

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