BAXI is a partner of excellence in the field of solar thermal systems, and is able to supply a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly heating boilers for diverse types of fuel. They are undoubtedly state of the art product technologically evolved, cosistently capable of excellent performances.

UPONOR is a leading partner in solutions for the transport of fluids within a building and also of Non-Visible Climatization solutions (underfloor heating) whose main objective is to create comfortable environments, improving the quality of life of the people who enjoy them. The solutions are designed for all building segments (residential and industrial).

DAIKIN Air conditioning Portugal SA is one of SEM IR’s partners in the field of Air Conditioning. With Japanese technology, we are provided with good solutions at air conditioning as well as heat pumping levels which may be used also in the climatization of residential and industrial buildings.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC is one of the partners of SEM IR in the scope of supply of energy to air conditioning, with Japanese technology we have good solutions in air conditioners as well as heat pumps, used in the air conditioning of residential and industrial buildings.

EMMETI is a complete partner in the range of products and solutions for heating and cooling of residential and commercial premises and industrial plants. The level of quality of its products are well tested in the market, in which they are a reference.

GRUNDFOS is a renowned company in the area of pumps for various applications, both in residential and industrial environment. From submersible pumps to circulators for climate control circuits coupled with various solutions, such as temperature control thermostats and with autonomy and time control a wide range of products are at our disposal.

RESUL SA, reputed company in the commercialization of products for electrical installations, including solar thermal and photovoltaic systems.

KACO SA is a German multinational that manufactures inverters for application in photovoltaic projects. SEM IR sells and installs in its photovoltaic projects Kaco’s state of the art inverters.

SEM IR chose the WURTH’s range of products to be used in its facilities, for the variety of solutions presented, as well as for the high quality and warranty.

The largest European company, of German origin, that produces state of the art inverters, single-phase and three-phase, for small and large applications. The SMA inverters are the most efficient in the market.

The new generation of BENQ polycrystalline photovoltaic modules are the most efficient even if withstanding high temperatures.

Wilo circulating pumps for hydraulic solar systems ensure excellent operation and reduced maintenance costs.