The electrical energy produced by wind turbines is very appealing, especially in some locations along the coast of mainland Portugal and the islands. Today the market has new wind turbines that, even at low wind speeds, have a high output operating with low noise. These are very interesting for isolated areas or users wanting to have autonomous systems producing their own energy.

Microgeneration and autonomous systems.

CPut the wind at your service. The world is incessantly seeking alternative sources of energy, such as the sun, water, and wind. At present, the solutions are mainly focused on large-scale projects. The conversion of kinetic energy from the wind through micro wind turbines constitutes a renewable energy use. Considering an average wind speed and average energy consumption, it is possible to produce between 30% and 50% of the energy consumed in a home or office in a decentralized way, reducing the costs with the losses produced by transport. For those who want to contribute personally to a more sustainable environment, SEM IR suggests the Donqi Wind Turbine, a solution based on a high efficiency electric generator which, considering the new Microgeneration legislation, offers a 5 year payback period.
This mini-turbine was specially developed for energy production in a sustainable and decentralized way in urban environments, being quite economical and adjusted to the environment and you may choose whether to save energy or sell to the public network. Energy production is maximized by wind acceleration at low speeds, which allows the production of energy from wind speed of 2.5 m / s. The turbine is also robust enough to produce energy up to speeds of 30 m / s and withstand winds of over 200 km / h. Wind Turbines enable us to produce electricity during the day or store and consume later. These systems can be used in isolated locations, without mains supply or as system connected to the network.