Micro and Mini Generation

Currently, in view of the new self-consumption regulations published in October 2014, anyone, be it a private individual or a company, can cater for a large amount of its own energy needs by applying to its buildings or property photovoltaic technology and produce energy from the Sun.

Social and economical benefits

Development of an energy services sector along with the creation of hundreds of installation and maintenance jobs.
Development of industrial sectors as there are already several factories in construction.
Development of a national sector with a high innovation and export potential and the possibility to compete in a fast growing worldwide market.
Improvement of the national trade balance by reducing the reliance on foreign energy sources and achieving a reduction of the payments towards CO2 emissions rights.

Advantages for private citizens

Reduction in energy costs. Up to € 3.000 reduction in annual energy costs and an average payback time of 5 years.
Individual contribution towards the goals of national environmental and energy policies. Increase in individuals’ awareness of renewables energy sources and greenhouse gases emissions.
Increase in awareness towards sustainability issues.